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5 Useful Précis Writing Tips

When writing a research paper, you are supposed to use the précis section to articulate the substance of the information that will follow. This means that you should use clear phrases, and address the core of the mater. Unfortunately, this is not what students often do. Some of them miss the whole point, and that is the reason their proposals are often turned down. If you have ever had any of your abstracts rejected, you need to know about the best précis writing tips. The following should not be overlooked.

  1. Find out the theme of the passage – identifying the theme of the passage is an important step when stating your abstract. In most cases, it will form the core of your argument, and is what will invite people to find out more about your research.
  2. Brevity and clarity – It is often advised that a good report should be brief. This is because it makes readers to go through the entire passage with ease. However, this does not mean that you should ignore clarity. When more words are needed to make the statements clear, do not limit yourself. At the end, you want the reader to get the full story, not bits of it.
  3. Use your own word – it is among the important précis writing rules that you should not use anybody else’s words. You can refer to their writing, but when it comes to presenting your abstract, make sure that you rephrase them into your own words. Originality is the key fact here.
  4. Use your discretion – In your précis, you are likely to come across figures that you may not agree with. Some of them may be true, but you are just not comfortable with them. The trick in such a situation is to use your discretion. You are the author and therefore, you deserve the right to omit any information that you are not comfortable with. However, you should not replace the figures with false one to suit your perception. A good précis writing format will guide you when it comes to this.
  5. Stay away from comments – You may be tempted to make personal comments in the abstract. However, this is not a good idea. A writer will lose their main focus one they start making comments. At this point, factuality is replaced with personal perceptions, and the report will not be useful anymore. Write based on the facts, and let the readers have their own comments later.

By using several précis writing exercises, you will learn how to curve the best extracts. You can get help from private tutors. You can also try to find services for writing such as this WriteMyEssayz. For instance, when you look for essay writing help online, you will get professionals who willet you in on the practice of writing the best précis. It is a sure way to improve your writing skills get better grades in your exams, and launch into your career with ease. You also should not forget to avoid plagiarism because it is the number one enemy of credible writing.

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