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Is homework Beneficial or Bad?

Homework has been a significant source of concern for students in the current age. Kids, parents, and instructors have different views on the impact of homework. Some of these parties respond positively with regards to the effect of homework, while others insist on the adverse effects posed by the homework to students. Different educational institutions have different perspectives on homework. As a result, the institutions have set forward strategies to ensure homework is issued effectively and with the assurance of principles for the wellbeing of learners. There is a difference in the way students from various institutions handle their homework. Some are subjected to tedious and challenging tasks, while others are given homework considerably.   

The benefits of homework

Tutors always assign students with tasks to work from home to enable the learners to grasp and review concepts taught throughout the day. Homework enhances a learner’s efficiency in handling tasks, and through it, they have earned a consistency in practicing new ideas learned. However, learners consider assignments as bad and tedious; there is always a role played by the homework to ensure the students enhance learning capabilities. Homework can be termed as a means through which instructors understand their learner’s abilities and weakest points. 

Active learning beyond classroom work occurs when teachers teach effectively during class sessions. Some people also believe that homework is a way of reinforcing students to gain more knowledge and adhere to what has been taught during classwork. A key point to note is that homework should be restricted for learners at a tender age. Young kids are most likely learning how to read, and therefore issuing homework to them can sound award and exploitative.

The downside of homework

Most homework experts explore the harm that is likely to be experienced when children are exposed to certain levels of homework. Some of them believe that frequent homework is a significant source of exhaustion, frustration, conflicts in the family, and even deprivation of sleep.

Some researchers on homework-related matters also point out that homework comes with cons and no advantages at all, specifically in elementary school. Some will tend to agree, and some will also tend to oppose the belief put across by Kohn. Wallace, a researcher in homework matters, disagrees and believes that homework plays a major role by enhancing students’ time management skills as well as their responsibility. 

Parents and homework issues

Sometimes the student can be faced with a hard time while handling homework. It is the role of the parent to ensure some sense of comfort to the learner, especially when handling tasks that need guidance. Parents can address their children’s issues by consistently monitoring homework assigned to them. They can observe in the following ways:

Comparing stated policies with the homework given to the learner. By doing so, parents can understand whether the homework is fit to be done by the child. Otherwise, they should raise the alarm and report cases where homework doesn’t meet the guidelines. 

Parents should focus on the quality of homework given to their children rather than just focusing on quantity. They should support students in doing their homework rather than reinforcing rules subjected to students in terms of homework. Finally, parents should not let learners go through their homework all alone.  


In conclusion, we can, therefore, consider homework as helpful to students, although when some measures are met. If these measures are not met, then there is a likelihood of devoting learners to things that cannot yield success. With the consistent observance of all principles that determine hoe homework should be given, then teachers, learners, and parents as well should note even that small help that comes with the issuance of homework to students.  


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