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I do not like homework

As a teacher, instructor, or parent, what comes to your mind when a learner says, “I hate homework.” Perhaps, you can think of the student being lazy, and indiscipline, or either the student has a negative attitude towards homework. From your way of thinking, you can either be right or wrong, but it depends on how you address the matter. Honestly, many students will have affection for their field of study, love their teachers, and love study environment around them. But when it comes to homework, things change abruptly. This is where many students will start questioning themselves on why instructors are issuing assignments, how homework is a total waste of time, and how homework has deprived them of their peace.

When you hear students talking about hating homework, of which you have done on several occasions, then there might be some truth accompanying their motive towards homework. Students in various institutions, indeed, dislike and hate homework to a greater extent. But come to think of it.  Why do most of us hate homework? Why are we always anxious and stressed when teachers give assignments to work from home? Perhaps, the problem isn’t ours.

The mode of issuing assignments to students determines whether the students will develop a positive attitude towards it, or they will develop a negative attitude towards it. By strict adherence to given regulated tasks towards homework, then the number of students hating assignments is going to drop drastically. You might think students hate homework, yet in a real sense, they hate the kind of tasks given to them, how assignments are given to them, and the timeframe required for doing the job.

Before believing that students hate homework, we should address the issue and identify the possible sources of hatred for homework. These sources are common and can be put into consideration by any other instructor, teacher, or tutor. Let us view a case where a student is assigned homework that is hard to handle even with extensive research. This student will try for some time and end up being frustrated. Suppose the student is assigned a small timeframe within which the homework should be done, then everything is going to be tedious for the student. As a result, the uncompleted tasks can inflict pressure, anxiety, stress, and even depression on the party concerned. The result is a frustrated student who has a negative attitude towards homework, and this is where hatred sets in.

It is arguably true that homework comes with pressure as well. Without managing homework properly, there is often a likelihood of destroying the initial attitude towards learning; students can adopt to copying as a way of handling the homework; learners can end up being stressed, failure to observe time for family and friends, among other impacts. But the ultimate goal of homework should not be developing hate for it. Teachers should, therefore, work hard to minimize their learner’s motives towards homework.

The possible solutions that teachers should opt for are to avoid grading homework and elaborate to the students to understand the reason why you are giving them assignments. Furthermore, teachers should extend their focus on the authenticity of the homework being assigned. Engage learners in exciting practical learning, and they will have a good motive towards tasks you happen to give them. Engage learners in active group discussions, advise them to interact and learn from each other and provide them with feedback, if any.


Learners deserve better when it comes to homework. A little motivation here and there will help them develop a proper attitude towards homework. Don’t let learners burn with hatred for tasks you assign to them. Engage them, advise accordingly and let them use nursing homework help if they need it.

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