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Who developed homework, and why? 

Currently, homework is a central component of education; it makes learning effective and more manageable. We did homework tasks when in school, but we do not know who invented, why, when, and purpose of the invention.


Historical facts

Pliny the Younger, an oratory teacher, invented homework in 1 century AD. The purpose was to develop speaking skills in an informal atmosphere. However, historians consider Roberto Nevilis’s an Italian pedagog to have invented homework in 1905; and to him, it was chastisement to students. The tail end of the 19th century is replete with significant modifications in the education sector. Of these changes are the frequency and the type of homework given by a teacher, which affects the quality of education. Teachers have considered the completion of these tasks as an obligatory kind of training. Currently, teaching is not complete without homework. Homework is a form of independent work, where a student learns independently. For homework tasks to serve its functions, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Be feasible
  • Not be elaborate or large
  • Not to prepare at the start of teaching until students know how to labor independently.

Home learning has the potential to contribute to the studying process. Homework is an excellent tool for improving the quality of teaching.


When was it invented?

Since 1905, we can take note of phenomenal improvements in education sector efficiency. Homework tasks are an essential element for active educational activities. It is a method of developing students’ independence, initiative, creative imagination, and individuality.

The measure of teaching success depends on homework preparation. Preparing homework is a tedious task in the education sector, as it requires close consideration from the tutor.


Purpose of homework

Studies have shown that homework is essential in improving the quality of students’ learning process. However, others consider that homework is not compulsory in understanding subject content. Based on Roberto Nevilis point of view, homework grants students an opportunity to:

  • Work without hurry
  • Study without outside estimation
  • Choose optimal study hours
  • Independently organize the course
  • Incorporate the required source of information

Therefore, the primary purpose of homework is:

  • To master skills of education as expressed in several teaching ways
  • To educate independent, responsible and strong-willed child
  • To acquire skills to extract relevant information from several manuals, dictionaries, directories, etc.
  • To form student research skills.

An appropriate scheme of homework for each class and all classes in total is a requirement for students to understand the course content. The tutor’s work is to decide on the kind of homework based on study material by combining different types of homework for each class and all classes.


Types of homework

Ever since the invention of homework, few individual tasks were available. The inventor of homework did not come up with a procedure for compelling home study because of time constraints. Currently, teachers use the following kinds of homework in the learning process to understand content under investigation based on the textbook.

  • Presentation of oral tasks
  • Presentation of written tasks
  • Presentation of creative works
  • Writing of reports on studied content
  • Conducting experiments and observations

With a mix of the above kinds of homework, a student can master the study material.


Role of at-home work in refining quality of education

To make the learning process easy, one should improve the organization of homework and content of the subject matter. There are many types of homework, to increase the quality of learners’ knowledge, enhancing the learning process, and planning acquired knowledge.

Homework is not a tool for monitoring a student, but a chance to dedicate time to study material. The purpose of homework is to combine knowledge and exercise the skills acquired during the learning process.

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